Animals with various special roles – working Dogs

There are animals that tamed and trained by humans to help perform certain tasks. Among them are animals such as buffaloes, elephants, horses, monkeys and dogs. Same are used to help in heavy work such as elephants to pull lags, buffaloes to plow rice fields and some are trained for light work such as cats to catch rats and dogs to guide the blinds. These animals are specially trained to understand and obey specific instructions and to work well with the owner or guardian.

Dogs are one of the common animals to be trained to help people. Dogs are good suitable choice because they have a very sharp sense of smell, their loyalty and obeddience and easy to train. They are used in work such as guiding the blind, tracking and rescue, controlling crowd and others. Certain dog breed have their own suitability in performing a specific task. For example, the Border Collie breed is suitable for search and rescue tasks, the Golden Retrievers to guide the blind because of its calm nature while the German Shepherds and Belgian Shepherds are suitable as guard or attracker.