Do you know that Malaysia has been issued stamp bulletin in the 80’s and perhaps earlier if anyone have a copy in your collection. Please share with this forum. Unfortunately, the policy of issuing stamp bulletin to the collector stopped on and off in different period of times.
In this bulletin section, I will shown you some of the early days issued, available in different printing format in different years. Apparently, Post Malaysia is not issuing any bulletin.
Shown above is the bulletin issued in year 1984, i.e. 25 years ago. The main page is printed in blue and the issued was 25th Anniversary of Bank Negara Malaysia (Central Bank) and the 10th Anniversary of the Formation of Federal Territory. Click the image to enlarge for ease of reading.
This bulletin printed in Bahasa Malaysia and English translation, 8 pages. Besides announcing the new stamps release with technical details and description of each stamps, other sections are special postmark for new issue, mail order service, a brief write up on Malaysian stamps on definitive, commemorative, stamp booklet, aerogramme, postcard, album and register envelope. A section list philatelic bureau addresses nationwide in 13 states, postage rate information and how to open a standing order deposit account with Post Malaysia.
Front page is the Post Malaysia logo in 1984.