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Guidelines for writing posts in the community:

In the community, philatelists and philatelists and Travel and Informationforum “Malaysia Truly Asia” of all ages, knowledge and interests meet. The purpose of the forum is the presentation of collection areas, the exchange of news, the expansion of their own knowledge and answering questions about the most beautiful hobby in the world.

The owner of the website provides a forum on his homepage. The posts published in this forum reflect only the opinion of the respective authors and not those of the owner of the website. An editorial revision does not take place.

Respect, courtesy and tolerance should be self-evident in mutual dealings, even if different opinions come together. Likewise, new collectors should be met with patience and courtesy. Personal attacks, insults and degrading people have no business here.

The administrators and moderators take care of the virtual house right and decide within the guidelines in the sense of the forum. You are generally obliged to change or delete legally questionable contributions.

In case of violations of the guidelines or disturbances of the forum peace, the disputed passage will be cut out or the whole post will be deleted. The intervention is justified, a discussion about it does not take place. If the limits are exceeded several times, the author will be warned or in exceptional cases blocked. The reasons for blocking are communicated exclusively to the member and not discussed in the forum. The assessment of the situation is entirely at the discretion of the administrators and moderators.

Participation in this forum is possible under full attribution or a so-called nickname. To register, only the user name, a password and the e-mail address are required. These data are treated in strict confidence with our privacy policy. We do not tolerate participation under multiple names / accounts. Registrations with a faked identity or under a foreign name will be deleted.

When choosing a user name, care should be taken that there is no confusion with already active users. Usernames can not suggest a different identity. Names of another person or institution or names that are otherwise ambiguous are also inadmissible. Also, no usernames may be chosen that suggest a particular user’s activity, even though it is not exercised (e.g., “moderator”, etc.). The transfer of a username to third parties is not permitted. The use of a username by several persons is not allowed. A new login of locked users under a different name is not allowed.

The password for the user account may under no circumstances be passed on to others. Nor may a password be used for a third party access and this misused. The data provided during registration are strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties. The only exception here is the demand from law enforcement agencies.

With the publication of a contribution in this forum you give the operator a simple, temporally and spatially unlimited and transferable right to use this contribution. The contributions in the community (forum) are freely accessible to everyone, are recorded by search engines and are thus accessible without a targeted call of our offer worldwide. Therefore, carefully check your posts for content that is not intended for the public before publishing. A claim for deletion or correction of entries vis-à-vis the operator is excluded.

No user may post personal information or messages from another user without their consent in the community. Mail addresses may not be posted for reasons of spam protection. If the specification of an e-mail address is unavoidable, it should not be stated in clear text. If possible, this information should only be given as a PN.

It is explicitly stated that the community records the IP address of users when writing. In the case of violations of the law, this address will be given to the relevant law enforcement authorities upon request.

Discussions take place here in the forum. Therefore, we ask you to use links as sparingly as possible. Above all, a link should also be helpful to the reader. Therefore, links are only allowed if a registration-free access to the site and to the linked information (including images) is possible. Otherwise, the information for discussion here in the forum does not make sense. It is also not desirable to link to discussions in other forums, which are only started because of questions or contributions here in the forum. Discussions on other forums are not allowed here. If you want to discuss other forums, please do it there.

Write contributions:
Write factual and neutral texts. Opinions should be recognizable as such. Personal attacks, inappropriate provocation, insults or slander (“cheaters”) are deleted by the moderators and the author is warned or blocked. Contributions that merely serve to discredit other members publicly resp. To be presented immediately. Always remember that not only insiders can read along. What is a “cuddle among friends” for some may look like a third person after a personal attack.
The forum is not a chat, so avoid case insensitivity, use smilies only where they really fit, and even Internet shortcuts do not mean something to every user.
Use formatting, colors, other font sizes only where it makes sense.
The copyright must be observed; in quotations, call the source.
In the context of a discussion, the answers often deviate completely from the original topic. Contributions that are not factually appropriate for the topic of discussion or lead in a different direction are spun off into a new topic by the moderators.

If one’s own opinion is repeated like a mantra in several threads (regardless of whether it fits the question or not), then either a deletion or a spin-off into the corresponding source topic takes place.
Critical discussions are welcome! The respectful interaction with each other and factual contributions are the basic requirements for a pleasant forum. Even if you do not always share the opinion of the other.
Ask questions and open topics:
Equip the topic with a meaningful heading that will allow you to find it later and tell the reader what it is all about.
Questions should not be put too general, because otherwise one can not get correct answers.
Any question is welcome, but check your sources first: catalogs and manuals, Internet ( and the forum itself.
A scan or an image often helps in answering.
In choosing the appropriate sub-forum for the question, the moderators are happy to help. Multiple topic openings on the same topic will be deleted.
Everyone likes to help identify a brand and also seek out the catalog value. But that should not be overused.
For personal questions use the PN function (private message)
Do not ask for answers right away. For some questions there is no answer or longer research is necessary.Give answers:
Answer as completely as possible, i. not just in keywords, but give a detailed and understandable justification. Simply setting a link without any explanation is not desired. At least so much information should be given in the forum that the context remains available even if the goal is no longer attainable.
Give help to help yourself, draw attention to literature or links with relevant information.
Often a guess is enough to help a discussion develop. But if you are not 100% sure of his answer, please also write it down.
Repeating an entire message is considered rude and does not make much sense, since the original contribution is yes. Only the passages to which the answer refers should be cited.
We ask that you only participate in this forum if you agree with the above guidelines and if you agree to them.
We reserve the right to change the terms of use at any time. An explicit reference to the change of the terms of use does not have to be made. The terms of use may need to be independently reviewed for changes. If you do not agree with the changes, please stop participating in the forum.