history of the federal state Sarawak – Sarawak war selbstständiges Gebiet unter einem Rajah (Charles Vyner Brooke, Charles Johnson Brooke, James Brooke) – 1888 britisches Protektorat – 1941-1945 unter japanischer Besetzung – 1945-1946 unter britischer Militärverwaltung – ab 1946 britische Kronkolonie – 16.09.1963 Bundesstaat Malaysia Widget [table id=29 /]

Occupation Stamps (in processing)

Japanese occupation of Labuan Japanese occupation of Malaya Japanese occupation of British Borneo Japanese occupation of North Borneo Japanese occupation of Sarawak The Japanese invasion of Malaya and Singapore was swift and decisive putting the British rulers into a light previously never seen. The Japanese had already subjected the Chinese to invasion and many atrocities,…