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Globalisation challenges faced by all countries worldwide have created a need for each country to re-strategise in order to stay in line with the global developments and to avoid being victims of exploitation. In order to overcome this, all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion must act and think as one Bangsa Malaysia, with the same aim and objective. This move is envisaged to make Malaysia more peaceful, advanced, safe and harmonious, with the ability to be globally competitive.

In order to have a Bangsa Malaysia that is more resilient in facing the various challenges brought by the globalisation wave including the social, economic and political fields, the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Naajib Tun Razak introduced the 1Malaysiaconcept which is based on the principles of “People First, Performance Now”. This concept meets the needs of Malaysians and is in line with the existing Federal Constitution and the principles of the Rukun Negara.

30sen x 3, MS RM5, Sheets, Booklet

The 1Malaysia concept aims to strengthen the relationship and cooperation amongst the many races in Malaysia towards becoming united, able and ready to take on any challenges that might come its way. Once this concept is put to practice by all Malaysians, Malaysia will have greater peace and success and this would bring the country to greater heights in the eyes of the world.

This stamp shows the 3 dimensional image of 1Malaysia logo, while the background shows the official 1Malaysia logo arranged in the shape of the map of Malaysia that portrays the 1Malaysia concept covering the entire nation.

This stamp shows the unity of the various races and ethnic groups in Malaysia united as one to protect and preserve Malaysia. The national flag is depicted in the shape of a heart to signify the love of Malaysians towards their country.

People First
This stamp feature the first part of the slogan “People First”; it depicts Malaysians comprising various sectors of society to ensure the nation’s peace and prosperity, to ensure sufficient education is provided to all youths of various race and religion, resulting in the need of professionals and last but not least the need for public services; all are needed in order to ensure a successful development of the nation and a bright and excellent future of the nation.

Performance Now
Featuring the second half of the slogan “Performance Now”, this stamp depicts the nation expanding and undergoing rapid development that can be seen in many fields such as science and technology, economy and information technology which is vital for the nation to achieve a global status.

National Principles
This stamp reflects the 5 principles of Malaysia that is:
Belief in God
Loyalty to the King and Country
Sovereignty of the Constitution
Rule of Law
Good Behaviour and Morality

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