After 50 years of independence, Malaysia has achieved advancements in various fields. The country is no longer a colony and has moved forward based on our own aspirations and under our constitutional democracy system. It is hoped that the peace and harmony that are currently enjoyed by 26 million Malaysians from various backgrounds, ethnicity and creed would continue to be the pride of future generations.
















“The first stamp issued after Malaysia achieved its independence was on 31 August 1957 and 50 years later, we are commemorating the historic occasion of the golden jubilee of Merdeka through the issuance of Merdeka Stamps and First Day Cover. This is indeed a momentous occasion for Pos Malaysia and we are very honoured for the opportunity to be part of the celebration of Malaysia’s 50 years of nationhood,” said Dato’ Idrose Mohamed, Managing Director of Pos Malaysia Berhad.

Date of Issue: 31.08.2007
2 x 30sen, 2 x 50sen, MS RM5, pair 30sen/30sen, 50sen/50sen
strip of 5 x 30sen

Hari Merdeka