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Malaysia Day
Malaysia is a country of multi racial society, with various cultural and religious backgrounds and therefore, unity is the foundation that can ensure harmony and peace in the country. In accordance with the 1Malaysia concept which emphases on national harmony, the people are advised to uphold unity and enhance integration with each other to achieve the harmonious state

Date of Issue: 30.08.2012
60sen – Perpaduan Bahasa / 60sen – Perpaduan Sukan
60sen – Perpaduan Tarian / 60sen – Perpaduan Gotong-Royong 4 Sheets (60sen x 20)


Unity Through Language – “Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa” (Language is the soul of the nation). That slogan has always been a part of the lives of fellow Malaysians. When the national language is being upheld, the nations’s identify will be more prominent. As such, the use of national language in education and daily interaction should be encouraged as it is able to measure the strength of a nation. Unity Through Sports- Participation in sports is an effective way to improve health. Furthermore, unity can be archived by having respects and compromise with each other. Presently, the Malaysian government encourages the involvement of the One Student, One Sport policy. This initiative is hoped to be able to shape a versatile generation and at the same time fosters the sense of unity at an early age. Unity Through Dance – Malaysia boasts a unique identify with its cultural diversity. Dance being one of them, is an excellent channel to attain national unity. With a rich cultural heritage for over generations, harmony and integration’s can be transmitted through dance. For axample, the organization of “Citrawarna”, a variety of art forms can be showcased to the world on the uniqueness of Malaysia. This is in line with the Nation Cultural Policy 1971 where culture can strengthen the unity and identity of a prosperous country. Unity Through Gotong-Royong (Cooperation Among Many People to Attain a Shared Goal)- Gotong-royong has been practiced by Malaysians for centuries long. This activity could increase the understanding between races whereby each and everyone helps each other to carry out social work. Gotong-royong can also inculcate moral values and care towards those involved. Not only that this activity can eliminate disease and negativity from the area, it can also enhance the sense of belonging with each other. Individualistic and selfishness can be eliminated for the sake of a common interest.