Malaysia has progressed steadily over the past year and in view of the nation’s development policies, has to be prepared to cater for its future rapid growth. In line with this, a plan to set up the National Science Center was approved under the Sixth Malaysia Plan. The National Science Center aims to stimulate interest in science through providing interactive exhibits, publications and programs for school groups. It will most certainly provide an informal learning experience in Science and Technology for creative minds.
The four storey complex is capped by a geodesic dome constructed of green polycarbonate. It incorporates high-tech features including an Integrated Building Management System. The LANDSCAPE around the Center is being developed in stages. For a start, the visitor will be able to observe hydroponics farming, an herbal garden and a cascading pond. A mini playground allows children to have fun whilst learning simple science principles. The scientific journey in the Center begins with a walk through a tropical freshwater, overhead aquarium followed by the ENVIRONMENTAL ODYSSEY unraveling the threats faced by our tropical environment.





PATHWAYS TO SCIENCE and DISCOVERY allows visitors to understand the basic principles of science and the origin of discoveries. For the young minds, the CHILDREN’S EXPLORATION CENTRE is designed to capture the Childs imagination. Ascending to Level Two, the visitors sees Malaysia’s technological advancement as portrayed through TECHNOMAL. Since machine plays an important part role in the life of the modern man. The THINKING MACHINES would most certainly stimulate the visitor’s mind.
FUTURE WORLD gives the visitor an insight into the future. One’s achievement can inspire another. This is what the HALL OF FAME hopes to achieve by displaying renowned scientists’ achievements and contributions. Stop consuming and start inventing – Malaysia have started heading towards this direction. The INVENTORS’ CORNER applauds such Malaysians.The National Science Center also has a MULTIMEDIA LIBRARY and AUDITORIUMS suitable for holding conferences. Guests or participants can dine at the MULTI-PURPOSE HALL while enjoying the panoramic view of Bukit Kiara. Visitors feeling tired of walking but yet to cover a lot more exhibits can take a break at the ATRIUM before proceeding. The CAFETERIA provides quality food and a place to rest. At the SCIENCE SHOP, the visitors can buy a gift to take home.

Date of Issue: 29.11.1996
30c, 50c, RM1, Presentation Pack

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