Malaysia has many structures with unique design concepts. Every state in Malaysia has its own unique designs and constructed according to the culture and customs of the local. Most of the unique constructions found in Malaysia are the remains of colonizers who once occupied the Malay land. The unique building of the colonial or British era is synonymous with Malaysia.

Neverless, the unique designs of this age began to present cultural features found in Malaysia in addition to being modern and artistic. Most modern-day structures often feature futuristic design yet are still adorned with local cultural ideas and concepts.

For this issue on the of unique structures theme, Pos Malaysia produces 4 stamp design that focus on 4 unique bridges in Malaysia. These bridges have unique design and shapes, and are located either across the river, a lake or hanging between the two hilltops. The Tamparuli Bridge in Sabah, the Darul Hana Bridge in Sarawak, the Seri Wawasan Bridge in Putrajaya and the Sultan Abdul Jalil Bridge in Perak are the focus of the stamp design in this release.