Malaysia possesses a rich diversity of tropical fruits. Besides the commercial fruits, there are many other fruit species which are grouped under rare fruits. Many of the rare fruit species have great potential but they are under exploited. The production of rare fruits is rather limited due to low number of trees available for each species. However, some of the potential rare fruits are sold at night markets, “pekan sehari” or along the roadsides. Most of the rare fruits are seasonal, but there are also species that are non-seasonal, producing fruits throughout the year.

Date of Issue: 28.03.2006
30sen – Terap Bulu (Artocarpus sericicarpus)
50sen – Cermai (Phylianthus acidus)
RM1 – Beruas (Garcinia hombroniana)
MS RM1+RM1 Ceri Terengganu (Lepisanthes alata), Jentik-Jentik (Baccaurea polyneura)
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20, RM1 x 20

Terap Bulu