malaysia-2015-chairman-of-aseanMalaysia is the Chair of ASEAN for 2015 and the theme of its ASEAN Chairmanship is “Our People, Our Community, Our Vision.”

According to Article 31 of the ASEAN Charter, the Chairmanship of ASEAN shall rotate annually, based on the alphabetical order of the English names of Member States. A Member State assuming the Chairmanship shall chair the ASEAN Summit and related summits, the ASEAN Coordinating Council, the three ASEAN Community Councils, relevant ASEAN Sectoral Ministerial Bodies and senior officials, and the Committee of Permanent Representatives.

60sen – Warga Kita/Our People
80sen – Komuniti Kita / Our Community
RM1.20 – Visi Kita / Our Vision
Sheets 60sen x 20, 80sen x 20, RM1.20 x 20


Background Of Malaysia’s Chairmanship Of Asean 2015 Forty eight years ago, South East Asian nations joined hands to form an association that would help bring about a region of peace, freedom and prosperity for their people. It was a bold decision that our forefathers made. And today we recognise them for their visionary leadrship, which made ASEAN what it is today- the 7th largest economy in the world, and the 3rd llargest in Asia. This year Malaysia is very proud to assume the Chairmanship of ASEAN 2015.It is Malaysia’s 4th Chairmanship of ASEAN and the most historic, as we establish the ASEAN Community, the culmination of almost 5 decades of region building. The stamp issue is to commemorate both historic events.
OUR People The handshake sybolises the strength of the relationship between the ASEAN member countries. The friendship that exists among ASEAN members of various races, religion and cultures is the core strength and pride of ASEAN. Elements of this diversity is mirrored by the characters that represent the 10 member countries of ASEAN wearing their respective traditional costume and saying ‘welcome’ in the respective language.
OUR COMMUNITY The vertical hands symbolise the sprit of the ASEAN agreement in realizing the ASEAN Comminity. Each ASEAN member country plays an important role in the effort to maintain harmony and stability in the region. Region cooperation covers three main pillar of ASEAN ,namely political –security,economy and socio-culture.
OUR VISION The hand cupping the land and tree surrounded by clouds sybolise the vision and aspirations of ASEAN member countries. Ten leaves are likened to how the 10 ASEAN countries mutually cooperate with each other to form the ASEAN region that is prosperous, competitive and respected by the international community.

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