A continuation of the earlier stamp issue, featuring protected mammals in Malaysia, on 28 May 1999, with a focus on civets. Known as musang in Malay, they are nocturnal creatures that look like long-nosed cats.

20sen – Cynogale Bennetti (Mouth Open)
30sen – Cynogale Bennettii (Mouth Closed)
30sen – Hemigalus Hosei
30sen – Paradox-Urus Hermaphroditus
30sen – Paguma Larvata
30sen – Viverra Tangalunga
30sen – Arctogalidia Trivirgata
30sen – Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
50sen – Arctictis Binturong
RM1 – Arctictis Binturong
RM1/RM1 – Hemigalus Derbyanus / Prionodon Linsang (MS)
Sheet, Presentation Pack