30sen – Red and Blue Betta Splendens
50sen – Yellow Betta Splendens
RM1 – Betta Imbellis (MS)
RM1 – Betta Coccina (MS)
RM1/RM1 pair
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20, RM1/RM1 x 20

Local Fighting Fish (Betta Imbellis)
They are found in clear stagnant acidic water especially in paddy fields, rubber estates or coconut plantations. Quite peaceful among each other compared with the common fighting fish. Male is brightly colored with green to greenish blue scale. A prolific bubble-nest builder if supplied with live food. This species can easily be bred and adapt in an aquarium environment if provided with acidic cold water and a lot of vegetations.

Red Fighting Fish (Betta Coccina)
A very timid fighting fish is known as a dwarf Betta. The fish is endemic to highly acidic black water area. After conditioning the wild, the fish manage to tribe well in neutral aquarium water. The fish can spawn in the tank by providing a conducive environment and hiding place such as bogwoods or water vegetation. They spawn in hollow PVC tubes or submerged bogwood. A single pair can produced about 30 offspring.

12 SPM sideway down
12.5 SPM sideway down
13.5 SPM sideway down

Betta Splendens
Betta splendens is a kind of fighting fish, which are produced through the cross-breeding of fighting fish from Malaysia, Thailand and Kampuchea. These cross-bred species is a very popular ornamental fish. They are not breed naturally in this country instead are bred using the standard Betta breeding techniques. Breeding and selection of commercial Betta splendens are actively pursued in this country. The new strains are actually originated from unattractive, greenish and short-finned fish that is still bred in Thailand for fighting. Hybridizations amongst different strains are commonly carried out to produce attractive new hybrids, in fact often resulting in brilliant colored Betta splendens with different shapes of fins. Betta splendens are usually peaceful with other fish of its own size. However, the males are very aggressive with one another. To prevent fighting, they are normally kept solitary in transparent small containers.