Baung (Mystus nemurus)

Baung can be found at zones to the upstream of rivers and rice fields. They do not have much preference for clear of muddy water and is a threat to lobsters (udang galah) that lives in ponds. Its color is in formalin dusky white with serrated spine. It eats a variety of food including shrimps, insects, crabs and fish larvae. The distribution of this fish also covers Java, Sumatra, Singapore, Borneo and Thailand.
Ikan Keli (Clarias Batrachus)

Easily found all over Malaysia especially rice fields, swamps around the rice fields, riverbanks, drains, and old mines. They are bottom dwellers but very frequently come to the surface of the water to draw in fresh air. The skin is smooth, brownish green on the upper part of the body and lighter below. The body is elongated, compressed at the back with its head moderately flattened

Date of Issue: 25.05.2006
30sen – Jelawat (Leptobarbus hoevenii)
50sen – Sebarau (Hampala macrolepidota)
50sen – Patin (Pangasius sp.)
RM1 – Temoleh (Probarbus jullieni)
MS RM5 – Baung (Mystus nemurus), Ikan Keli (Clarias Batrachus)
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 2 x 50sen x 20, RM1 x 20





(Leptobarbus hoevenii)

Jelawat is a carp and can be found mostly in large rivers and streams. It can also be found in Pahang and Perak. With elongated body, broad head and flattened top, the upper half of the body is light green while its belly and lower half is white, with a touch of red at the tip of its lower fins. It feeds on shrimps, insects larvae, and parts of leaves. This fish is known for its delicious taste and is one of the most expensive and puts up quite a fight to the anglers. They can also be found in Thailand, Sumatra and Borneo.

(Hampala macrolepidota)

Sebarau can be found at rivers and streams with strong currents, with sandy to muddy waters. This fish is a valuable fresh water recreation fish. Known for its fighting spirit and it aggressively fights the anglers. With elongated and compressed body and fins in dark red and yellowish color, as well as large scales with blackish linings and silverish grey body makes Sebarau an attractive fish. Thrives on insects fragments and fish remains.

(Pangasius sp.)

Patin can be found in rivers and river mouths. It is a popular fresh water fish and is reared commercially for aquaculture activities. It has a mix of greenish-greyish back and light green color on the upper part of its head with light shiny belly and bumpy head. They can also be found in India, Bangladesh, Burma, Java and Thailand. It feeds on fish remains and decayed organics.

(Probarbus jullieni)

This fish can be found in Perak and Pahang and it is said to be the largest species of the Cyprinids in Peninsular Malaysia. Temoleh thrives on shelled mollusks and water plants. The body has 7 narrow horizontal black stripes with its upper half of the body in olive and lower half creamy yellow color. The head is in bright greenish yellow with fins in light pink. These wonderful colors are complimented by a blackish end tail. Temoleh is truly a beautiful fresh water