Although Malaysian come from diverse backgrounds, there is a unique unity in its diversity. Indeed, the ethnic Malays, Chinese, Indians as well as the numerous indigenous people from a fascinating potpourii of a multi-cultural and multi-racial population who greatly value peace and properity.

Although each race maintains its individuality in terms of traditions and community structures, the overall cultural mosaic is well intergrated to create a contemporary Malaysia, rich in its diverse heritage.

An urban neighborhood, consisting of various communities living together harmoniously, exchanging, and sharing, among other things, knowledge, with one another, is hardly an uncommon sight. Men, women, and children of different races often get together for conversation, companionship, and friendly competitive sports. Amidst all of this is, the respect and tolerance each race has for the others’ racial and religious practices.

One of the most intersting form of cultural and racial interaction among Malaysians is the ‘open house’ policy during religious festivals. All communities will ‘open the doors’ to their friends and neighbors of different ethic backgrounds, effectively breaking down cultural and racial barriers, thus cultivating greater understanding amongst all races.

The tradition of tolerance practiced by the people of Malaysia has resulted in great progress for the country. Malaysia is truly fine example of unity.

30sen – Children at Play
30sen – Musicans
Pair 30sen/30sen
50sen – Seven People
RM2 – People Pulling Rope
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20
Presentation Pack

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