From hot air balloons to eagle-powered contraptions, for centuries, man’s dream has been to touch the sky. Thanks to pioneering individuals in the early 20th century, flying became a reality. The stamps featuring the air transportation in Malaysia are issued as a tribute to our country’s involvement in the aviation industry, showcasing five aircrafts from different sectors, each bearing its own significance in history.

“The development of air transportation in Malaysia has greatly enhanced the people’s convenience in travelling locally and abroad. Through the stamps, we would like to share the knowledge with our customers on the earlier aircrafts that were used for air travel during the earlier period in the development of our aviation industry,” said YBhg Dato’ Idrose Mohamed, Group Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia.

30sen – Shorts SC. 7 Skyvan
50sen – De Havilland Canada DHC 7-110
50sen – GAF N22 Nomad
MS RM1 – Airspeed Consul, RM1 – Douglas DC-3
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20 x 2

Douglas DC-3
The new technology of its time brought a vastly improved aircraft – the Douglas DC-3. The aircraft’s significantly reduced flight time popularized air travel, and in 1947, our country’s pioneering commercial airline carrier added the 21-seater to its steadily-growing fleet.

Airspeed Consul
In 1947, Malaysia’s inaugural commercial flight seated only 5 passengers in the twin engine Airspeed Consul, flying from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. The Airspeed Consul has since made way for more technologically advanced aircraft.

Shorts SC.7 Skyvan
A utility box-car aircraft, it is used mainly for short-haul freight, cargo transport and sometimes even for sky-diving. The aircraft’s amazing landing capabilities makes it popular and highly sought after by a variety of civilian operators.

GAF N22 Nomad
The GAF N22 Nomad is a twin-engine, multipurpose utility transport. A star in its own right, the aircraft was not only featured in a television series, but its design also served as a foundation for future coastal patrol aircraft.

de Havilland Canada DHC 7-110
Also fondly known as the Dash 7, the short take-off and landing DHC 7-110 is a versatile aircraft capable of flying and landing in city areas. Thanks to the noise restrictions in the 70s, DHC 7-110 was built with slower rotating blades to substantially reduce its sound.