This series showcase these innovative bridges up to the time of Malaysia’s Independence in 1957. This collection of historical structures that have played a major role in the growth of industries like tin mining, rubber and the overall economy of the nation are given due recognition.

Sungei Segamat Bridge, Johor
This bridge was built in 1933 to provide means of transportation to the Segamat district as an initiative by the government to develop the district for its agricultural adtivities and to boost its economy. The Sungei Segamat Bridge is a Steel Pratt Girder Type bridge with a length of 00.43 metres. It provides a railway crossing over the Segamat River.

Date of Issue: 22.08.2008
30sen, 50sen, 50sen, RM1
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20, 50sen x 20, RM1 x 20

Merdeka Bridge, Kedah
The Merdeka Bridge, built in 1955, was officially launched in 1957, the year Malaya achieved independence. Spanning the Sungei Muda, the longest river in Kedah, the bridge serves a major link for transportation of goods and people. The river also marks the border between Penang and Kedah. Sungei Muda also provides water for consumption and irrigation of rice fields to Penang’s province of Seberang Perai. This concrete truss girder bridge was designed and built by the Malaysian Public Works Department.

Victoria Bridge in Karai, Perak
The oldest railway bridge in Malaya is the Victoria Bridge in Karai, Perak. Built in 1897 by the Perak State Railway, it was the most advanced bridge in terms of its engineering in the Far East at that time. This bridge provided a communication link for the growth of the tin mining industry and the development of the mining towns in the Malayan Peninsular. With the opening of this bridge, the whole of the west coast from Perai to Johor Bahru was linked by rail.

Kota Bridge, Klang
The city of Klang is divided by the Klang River and was linked by the Brickfield Bridge in 1907. It was destroyed in 1941 during World War II, resulting in great difficulty in transportation and communication, especially for goods transported from Klang Port to other cities. In 1958 a double decker bridge was constructed, the first such bridge in Malaya, with a pedestrian walkway at the lower half. This double decker truss girder bridge was named the Kota Bridge.