True Quails and Partridges are largely colourful, plump-bodies birds, with short tails. They belong to the family Phasianidae which also includes the pheasants. The Buttonquail is not a true Quail and belongs to a separate family, Tumicidae. It has been included in this series because of its similarity in size, shape, and habits with the true Quails. Quails and Buttonquails are small-sized and inhabit open country while Partridges are larger and inhabit principally the rainforest. They forage on the ground for insects, worms, seeds, and fallen fruit. Most species are very shy and secretive and are therefore seidom seen.
Quails, Partidges and Buttonquails are amongst some of the more attractive and colourful birds of Malaysia´s open country and the rainforest. They are ours to protect and treasure as an important part of our natural heritage.

30sen – Pikau (Columix Chinensis)
50sen – Sang Seruk Gunung (Arborophila Campbelli)
RM1 – Puyuh (Turnix suscitator)
RM2 – Sang Seruk Rimba (Arborophila Charltonii)
RM2 – Mabparang (Haematortyx Sanguiniceps)
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