Traditional traders were an important part in the life of humble communities of bygone days. Goods were scare and wants were fewer. The arrivals of these itinerant hawkers were an event most welcomed and their departures lent a promise of hope for new good on their next visit. Though their wares were limited these traders somehow managed to fill the needs of the humble and poor who could not afford to patronize stores run by big trading houses which have more to offer.

Date of Issue: 21-06-2012
80sen x 2, RM1 x 2, Sheets 80sen x 20, RM1 x 20, Booklet 60sen x 10

Tukang Seni Kertas / Tukang Tilik

Penjaja Satay / Penjaja Nasi Kandar

Penjaja Lemang, Penjaja Manisan, Tukang Ubat Tradisional, Penjaja Pasembor, Tukang Dobi