01-11-2013 – Visit Malaysia 2014

Pos Malaysia’s promotional poster of its latest stamp series on birds has unleashed an online storm with a Filipino photographer alleging that the image of one had been lifted for use without his permission. more: New stamps spark theft, mistaken bird identity claims

Malaysia Postal Union

special page Malaysia Postal Union Mai 2015 – The Website Singapore 2015 – The World Stamp Exhibition present “The Colour Scheme of the Universal Postal Union and its effect on Postal Stationery Post Cards issued by the Federated Malay States”

30-11-2009 – Postal Automated Machine label – PAM

POS MALAYSIA LAUNCHES SELF-SERVICE-TERMINAL AND MOBILE POST OFFICE KUALA LUMPUR, Monday – Pos Malaysia today unveiled the Pos-Automated-Machine (PAM) and Pos-on-Wheels (Mobile Post Office). PAM is currently available at the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office (KL GPO), whilst Pos-on-Wheels will keep moving to selected locations in KL. Both services will be extended throughout the country…

08-02-1969 – Solidarity Week / Minggu Perpaduan

15c, 20c, 50c National solidarity weeks, rallies, exhibitions, speeches, etc. are useful only if there exists a basis for national solidarity. If such a basis does not exist, all the rallies and fanfare will be no more than a grand self-delusion and self-deception. National Solidarity Week, Stadium Negara on February 14  

08-12-1969 – National Rice Year / Tahun Beras Nasional

Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak´s launching of the National Rice Campaign marked the first time the Government had singled out a particular commodity for special treatment. This was because rice is the population´s staple and there was a great need to aim for self-sufficiency in view of servere shortages in world markets the previous…