Pos Malaysia Bhd has issued a new stamp collection called “Exotic Food” that you can add to your collection.

Pos Malaysia Stamp and Philately Unit head Diyana Lean Abdullah encouraged all stamp collectors to purchase this special collection which features Langkawi’s beronok or Acaudina salad and fried Valanga grasshopper.

“These stamp collections are based on popular dishes in places like Langkawi and Perlis,” Diyana said, adding that these foods are edible and halal for those interested in trying them.

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Acaudina Salad

Fried Grasshopper

Porcupine Rendang Steak

Pos Malaysia says sorry to animal lovers over porcupine rendang stamp

Pos Malaysia Berhad today issued an apology to animal lovers over its yet-to-be-released exotic food-themed stamps, which depict three of Malaysia’s more unusual dishes: Sea cucumber salad, turmeric fried grasshoppers and porcupine steak and rendang.

In a statement, Pos Malaysia said its intention was to highlight the variety of uncommon delicacies served in Malaysia, and was not meant to encourage the act of hunting exotic animals.

“It was never our intention to promote or encourage activities such as hunting or consuming exotic animals.

“Pos Malaysia would like to apologise over the uneasiness it has caused to nature and animal lovers over the production of our exotic food stamp series,” the statement read.

The organisation’s statement today was in reply to an opinion piece published by Malay Mail this morning, in which senior consultant paediatrician, Datuk Dr Amar Singh, slammed Pos Malaysia.

Dr Amar highlighted that some porcupines in Malaysia are protected species under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010, including the Malayan Porcupine (Hystrix brachyura), and said that Pos Malaysia, by issuing these stamps, would inadvertently encourage the hunting and eating of the animal.

He also stressed that the stamp production will have a negative impact on the tourism sector, as it will send a message to other countries that Malaysia is ecologically insensitive.

Dr Amar also urged the Wildlife Department to step in and prevent the stamps from being launched.

Pos Malaysia previously said 200,000 of each dish depiction will be issued as RM0.60 stamps. The collection was slated for release at post offices across the country on Tuesday.

Source: Malay Mail