MS Hawksbill Turtle

The National Definitive Series “Iconic Marine Life” offer five stamps designs and introduce new denominations featuring Iconic marine life of Malaysia.

– RM1.30 – Hawksbill Turtle
– RM1.40 – Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin
– RM1.50 – Whale Shark
– RM1.70 – Small Giant Clam
– RM1.90 – Dugong
– RM5.00 – Miniature Sheet – Hawksbill Turtle hatching with UV printing technique
– 5 Sheets a 10 stamps



















Iconic Marine Life Malaysia is a country with one of the largest continental shelves within the tropical world. The richness and biodiversity of our marine life make it an integral part of the ecological Coral Triangle, which is currently inhabited by more than 600 coral species and 1200 fish species. Our marine life is crucial in preserving an ever-growing ecosystem. The reefs and seagrass act as a habitat and shelter to the nearby wildlife, which feed on the wide range of natural food sources. We must ensure that Malaysia continues to maintain its rich and diverse wildlife in the face of uncontrolled human activities and global warming which continues to be a daily risk to our environment.