Clean Water – Conserving Marine Life
Malaysia’s warm climate coupled with heavy rainfall makes our oceans an ideal home for a myriad of underwater marine life. However intense development has caused irreversible damages to our fragile water world. Conservation efforts are being initiated in order to protect and preserve our marine eco-system.

Fresh Air –Conserving Air
Malaysia’s rapid emergence as an industrialized country has reaped many benefits economically. With increased development, environmental concerns have also arised and our country has to monitor the increasing air pollution. Thus, air quality monitoring is an important part of the country’s strategy in the pollution prevention program to ensure clean and fresh air for healthy living.

Go Green – Conserving Rainforests
The Malaysian rainforest is home to most of the plant and animal species in the world. However, due to deforestation, many of these species are becoming extinct. Our tropical rainforest play an important role in helping to sustain life. They act as a natural air purifier for our environment. With all the benefits that are derived from the rainforests, we must ensure they are protected.

The conservation of nature is no longer an option, it is necessary to ensure that earth’s vital natural resources are preserved and protected for the future generations. Through the centuries, mankind has destroyed forests, ravaged mountain slopes, polluted water and air, and even today is ongoing. The ecology has become a victim of human activities.

Today natural resources, which provide the basic necessities of life, have become scare. They have been sacrificed in the name of development and economic well-being. The delicate ecological balance has been altered due to the indiscriminate damages inflicted upon nature. Global warming, receding water tables, depleting ozone layers, are only among some of the consequences of these damages.

Worldwide, organizations involved in the preservation of nature have taken initiatives to preserve the environment and are recommending holistic conservation strategies to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a sustainable fashion.

In Malaysia, steps have been taken by the relevant conservation organizations and authorities to ensure that our environment is well preserved. Out vast tropical rainforests, our unique marine life as well as our clean air is dependent on how we preserve and protect them. Today the conservation of nature has become a necessity of life.

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