Festival Food Series – INDIAN

This edition of stamps on Festival Food in Malaysia is the fourth in the series, and it showcases traditional food that is often served by Indian community, especially during the celebration of Deepavali or the Festival of Lights. Deepavali falls between the months of October or November. For the Indians, Deepavali symbolises the victory of good against evil, and light over darkness. The Indian community forms the third largest ethnic group in Malaysia. They have a variety of traditional foods that have influences brought from the Indian subcontinent, and these sumptuous traditional food are shared and enjoyed by other races and communities in the country. Some of the special Indian food featured in this festival food series includes sweet cakes such as Urundei, Vadai, Muruku, Thosai, Idhli, Payasam, Jhilebhi, Banana Leaf Rice and many others.

24 January 2017 – Festival Food Series – Chinese

16 March 2017 – Festival Food Series – Kadazandusun & Dayak

06 June 2017 – Festival Food Series – Malay

Makanan Perayaan – Deepavali Vadai, Muruku, Paal Kova & Payasam

Sheet: 20x60sen

Makanan Perayaan – Deepavali Thosai & Idhli

Sheet: 20x80sen

Makanan Perayaan – Deepavali Nasi Daun Pisang

Sheet: 20x90sen