It is one of the tallest trees of the Indo-Malayan tropics reaching up to 80 m in height. The bole is almost cylindrical with scaly or flaky bark.
Cut bark and crushed green leaves give a strong aromatic odor. The surface of the bark is often provided with hard resin. The trees have very fine conical crown when young. The leaves are small, oval in shape with close parallel veins.
Flowers are white and fragrant. The fruits have 5 long wings which help in the dispersal by wind.
The timber is a medium hardwood having a strong odor of Camphor when freshly cut. It is suitable for all classes of construction except when in contact with ground or water.
In Peninsular Malaysia, Kapur trees are confined to the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia from Trengganu to Johore except for a patch of forest near Templer Park area in Selangor.

15c – Kapur – Borneo Camphor-Wood (Dryobalanops Aromatica)
50c – Jelutong – Simber Tree (Dyera Costulata)
80c – Kapur – Borneo Camphor-Wood (Dryobalanops Aromatica)