The Royal Headdress or ‘Tengkolok’ is part of the ceremonial attire of the Malay Rulers. For centuries, Malay Rulers had been wearing headdress made of woven silk fabric that is shaped into different styles for a few hundred years as part of their regalia since the days of the Malay sultanate. This headdress is also called ‘Destar’ and the style of folding is called ‘solek’, The colours of the headdress varies from one state to another. There are various styles of folding, among which are: Anak Gajah Menyusu, Lang Menyusur Angin, Garam Sebuku (Getam Pekasam), Pucuk Pisang Patah, Ayam Patah Kepak and Dendam Tak Sudah.

50sen x 10
Date of Issue: 16-09-20

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– Tengkolok – Tengkolok Diraja
– Tengkolok Diraja SPB Di-Pertuan Agong
– Tengkolok Diraja Kedah
– Tengkolok Diraja Negeri Sembilan
– Tengkolok Diraja Pahang

– Tengkolok Diraja Kelantan
– Tengkolok Diraja Perak
– Tengkolok Diraja Perlis
– Tengkolok Diraja Selangor
– Tengkolok Diraja Terengganu