Pitcher plants scientifically known as Nepenthes are one of the most spectacular plant species on earth. The centre of diversity of Nepenthes is in Borneo Island housing 36 species. Malaysia postal authority has on a few occasions released stamps showing images of Nepenthes. So far, four Nepenthes species have been depicted on stamps of Malaysia, i.e. N. sanguinea, N. macfarlanei, N. rajah and N. lowii. N. sanguinea has wider distribution in Peninsular Malaysia while N. macfarlanei is found from Kelantan to Selangor. On the other hand, both N. rajah and N. lowii are endemic to Borneo.

Date of Issue: 16.04.1996
30c – Nepenthes Macfarlanei
30c – Nepenthes Sanguinea
50c – Nepenthes Rajah
50c – Nepenthes Lowii
Presentation Pack

Sandakan Rainforest Park – Pitcher Plants
Conservation of Carnivorous Plants in Malaysia

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