Festival Food Series – KADAZANDUSUN & DAYAK

Malaysia has a distinct multi-ethnic composition with a variety of groups professing different religious and cultural beliefs. In 2017, Pos Malaysia will be issuing a series of stamps on Malaysia’s ethnic festival food. This time, it will be food from the indigenous tribe in Borneo.

The 60 sen stamp features an alcoholic drink called Tuak or Lihing in Sarawak and Sabah respectively. The former is made from fermented rice while the latter is from tapioca. Kek lapis is cake made of many colourful layers, with intricate patterns seen when it is sliced. Tapai pulut is a snack made from fermented glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves. Kuih jala is a snack made from deep fried flour made in shapes of a net or web.

The 80 sen stamp features a dish called Ambuyat in Sabah or Linut in Sarawak. It is a sago-based porridge dipped in various sauces.

The 90 sen stamp features manuk pansuh, a chicken-based dish cooked in bamboo and stuffed with spices before cooked over an open fire. It also features a seafood-based dish called Hinava in Sabah or Umai in Sarawak.

The RM5 miniature sheet features a tray filled with snacks from Borneo. Clockwise from top right are kuih penganan, kek sarang semut, kuih deram, kuih jala, kuih ros and kuih lapis while in the centre are assortments of kek lapis.

24 January 2017 – Festival Food Series – Chinese

16 March 2017 – Festival Food Series – Kadazandusun & Dayak

06 June 2017 – Festival Food Series – Malay

17 October 2017 – Festival Food Series – Indian

Siri Makanan Perayaan, RM5

Tuak/Lihing, Kek Lapis , Tapai Pulut, Kuih Jala

Sheet: 20x60sen

Ambuyat / Linut

Sheet: 20x80sen

Manuk Pansuh & Hinava / Umai

Sheet: 20x90sen