The logo for the Scout Association of Malaysia 100th Anniversary Celebration was created based on the founding principles of the worldwide Scout Movement with the theme One World One Promise. The numeric “1” in the logo represents PPM as a distinctive movement where education and knowledge is the essence. The Scout Association of Malaysia Emblem, flanked by the World Scout Emblem and the Jalur Gemilang (National Flag) symbolizes the development of the Malaysian Scout Movement and the nation’s aspirations. The dove stands for the unity and vision of the Scout Movement in realizing the development plans of the Scout Association of Malaysia.

The Beginning of Scouting (1908)
Map reading is a survival and navigation skill that was introduced in scouting as early as 1908. By learning this skill, scouts are able to understand and various environments, terrains and landforms on the earth’s surface. This skill can also be practiced more effectively during journeys, expeditions and exploration activities.

Era of Growth (1957-1987)
Building and crossing a Monkey Bridge is a fun activity that builds confidence and inculcate teamwork among scouts. These scouting activities are a form of self-development program that promotes character building and leadership development.

Today’s Scout Movement (1988-2008)
Various water activities such as kayaking, swimming and diving were introduced by the Scouts Association of Malaysia through the Sea Scout Unit which has attracted a lot of public interest to join the scout movement. With proper training and exposure, scouts are more confident in water-based activities. These activities are not limited to recreational only, but also include progressive training like Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross by the Life Saving Society. The Sea Scout Unit has also formed the Life Guard and Rescue Unit pioneered by Rover Scouts

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