This Issue was with drawed Due to wrong wording on 60sen “Thank You” Stamp

The campaign was initiated by the government, and later was instilled through the school curriculum in Malaysia. It was seen as appropriate to today’s environment for the benefit of the future.
Nilai-nilai Murni Campaign is one of the government’s initiative to adopt and inculcate moral values into the realm of the mind, heart and soul of Malaysians at all levels. The campaign aims to re-install the sense of self esteem and the dependability of the community.
The virtues are values that allows an individual to be respected and play an active role in ensuring a harmonious society as well as contribute to the growth and development of society.

60sen · Love
60sen · Hardworking
60sen · Courteous
60sen · Mutual Respect
60sen · Independent
60sen · Awareness
60sen · Kind Hearted
60sen · Thankful
60sen · Living in Harmony
60sen · Integrity
Booklet, Sheet 60sen x 10, Sheet 60sen x 20

Reprint of Virtues (Altered “Thankful”)