Malaysia 2015 Baba & Nyonya Heritage miniature sheet premium stamp in original folder, with embroidery. It is similiar to Malaysia 2013 Baba & Nyonya Heritage M/S

Limited edition – only 10.000 printed


Nyonya Kebaya
The Nyonya Kebaya first appeared only in the early 20th century. These early versions featured rather simple embroidery work but later, especially from the 1960s onwards, a more exquisite and intricate embroidery began to emerge. While the early Kebaya are hand sewn, the Nyonya Kebaya today is embroidered using the sewing machine with flower motives being the favourite theme. The miniature sheet features a composition of Malaysian fruit motifs with the creative use of contrasting colours. The kebaya featured won the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicraft 2012.

01-12-2014 Kebaya Nyonya RM50
29-11-2013 Baba & Nyonya 60sen, 80sen, RM5