30sen – Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)
50sen – Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pumila)
RM1 – KERDAS (Pithecellobium Bubalinum Bent)
RM1 – BUAH KERAS Alleurites Moluccana
RM2 – Mas Cotex (Ficus deltoidea jack) MS
Sheets: 30sen x 20, 50sen x 20, RM1 x 20
Presentation Pack

Tongkat Ali inhabits the lower stratum of the lowland forest. It is a small tree growing to a height of 10 metres.

Kacip Fatimah thrives in shady places, normally as undergrowth in the forests It is a herbaceous shrub with creeping rhizome. The leaves are elliptic-lanceolate in shape, the base is alternuate.

Kerdas is found in Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra mostly wild in the forest. The tree is of medium size reaching to 15 metres in height. The canopy is round, bushy and compact.

Buah Keras or candlenut is native to Malaysia but now is distributed throughout the tropics. It is a medium or large sized tree. The leaves are tomentose.

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