30sen – Horned Helmet
30sen – Burnt Murex
50sen – Frog Shell
50sen – Triton´s Trumpel
MS RM2 – Venus comb Murex
MS RM2 (Imperf)

Seashells are the hard protective layer of a marine animal, typically that of marine invertebrates. Seashells are commonly attributed to marine molluscs which has various sub-categories such as gastropods (e.g. snails), bivalves (e.g. clams) and chitons.
Seashells are commonly found deposited along the sea shore by waves and tides. Only the shells are washed up onto the beach empty and clean, the animal already having died and rotted away or have been eaten b predators or scavengers. Seashells come in a variety of shape, sizes and colours depending on the species. The presence of a particular species in the area is usually indicative of the water quality and hydrology