Unique Flowers MS RM5There are many varieties of flowers found in Malaysia and there are some species that are attractive and unique due to their special shape or rare fragrance. Most traditional Malay landscape comprise of plants with fragrant flowers, leaves and wood.

30sen – Kenerak (Goniothalamus tapis)
30sen – Kembang songsang (Gloriosa superba)
50sen – Akar dani (Quisqualis indica)
50sen – Cempaka pisang (Michelia figo)
MS RM5 – Gooseneckn Cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)

Unique Flowers 30sen_1

Unique Flowers 30sen_2

Unique Flowers 50sen_1

Unique Flowers 50sen_2

Unique Flowers 30sen_30sen

Unique Flowers 50sen_50sen