PROTON SAGA, the first Malaysian National Car, inaugurates the beginning of the Malaysian venture in automobile manufacturing. The first production comes in two models of 1.3 and 1.5 liters engine capacity. Being specially designed by Malaysians, PROTON SAGA incorporates the latest trends in styling and matches world standards in terms of quality, performance, economy, spaciousness and comfort.

The name SAGA was chosen as a result of a car naming competition participated by Malaysians from all walks of life. The SAGA was selected for its symbolic and metaphorical meaning signifying our national aspirations.

The PROTON Plant is the largest and most modern in South East Asia covering an area of 550,000 sq m with covered floor including the factory and ancillary buildings of over 85,620 sq m. The L-shaped plant is equipped with modern automatic and semi-automatic machinery for the production of quality cars. It is designed with three unique features incorporating elements of manufacturing efficiency, pleasant working environment and considerations of future expansion. The utmost consideration has been given towards pollution control with the installation of effluent treatment facilities.

The production plant consists of four main sections, namely stamping section, body assembly section, painting section and trim and final assembly section.

The ancillary facilities are strategically located around the main plant in an effort to optimize its effectiveness. The entire complex represents a concept in comprehensive factory environment.
The initial installed capacity of PROTON’s plant is 80,000 units per year. However, by 1988 the installed capacity will be increased to 120,000 units per year.

The automobile industry started in Malaysia in 1967 with the establishment of the first local assembler. There now exist twelve assemblers producing some 50 different models for distribution and sales domestically.

The establishment of PROTON opens new vistas for the automobile industry in Malaysia. For the first time, Malaysia will be producing a totally Made-In-Malaysia car and at the same time assisting in the development and growth of the components industries. The PROTON project is one of many industries developed by the Heavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (HICOM), the parent holding company, which has been given the task of spearheading the development of heavy industries in Malaysia.

PROTON is destined to lead the Malaysian automotive industry. With the collaboration of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan in terms of Technical Assistance and Training of Personnel, PROTON has set her sights on producing high quality cars at competitive prices.

depicts a blue Proton Saga model 1.3S

depicts a white Proton Saga model 1.3S


depicts red Proton Saga models 1.5S