7th Conference of Parties to the Convention of Biological Diversity & 1th Meeting of Parties to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Malaysia is proud and honoured to play host to the Seventh COnference of the Parties to the Convention of Niological Diversity (CBC)[COP 7] and Conference of the Parties serving as the first Meeting of the Parties (MOP 1) to the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. As one of the twelve megadiverse countries of the world, hosting these events shows Malaysia’s commitment to the world in conservation and sustainable utilization of our biological diversity.

Biological resources offers huge potential for the development of pharmaceuticals and other products in this era of biotechnology. While biotechnology offers many potential benefits, we must be aware of the safety aspects of it. Biosafety is a term used to describe efforts to reduce and eliminate the potential risk resulting from biotechnology and its products (such as genetically modified organisms) based on the precautionary approach.

Biodiversity is often understood in terms of the wide variety of plants, animals and microorganisms. So far, about 1.75 million species have been identified. Scientists reckon that there are actually about 13 million species, though estimates range from 3 to 100 million. Malaysia, a biodiversity “hot spot”, houses a wide variety of microorganisms, flora and fauna. Many of these are unique and endemic. Approximately 15.7% of the world’s classified species are found here. Malaysia’s forest itself is one of the most ancient on the planet.

Date of Issue: 09.02.2004
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