Malaysia, along with other nations, was requested by UNESCO to join in the 1990 International Literacy Year Celebration. Since 1961, The Community Development Division of the Ministry of National and Rural Development was given the responsibility of combating adult illiteracy in the Federation of Malaya. The war on illiteracy was extended to Sabah and Sarawak in 1963 after the formation of Malaysia. This is a continuing programme for the two states where we managed to reach about 16.4% of total adult illiterates.

This celebration is to bring to attention of Malaysian Community of all levels importance of literacy and funcitonal literacy for without which efforts towards national development would be impeded.
Though Malaysia´s literacy rate is high at 72%, it is quite necessary to inform the world especially the third world,of our success for they may want to emulate our experiences. With Malaysia´s success, other (small) nations may look up to us for moral support in their war against illiteracy. This may also open up the opportunity for Malaysia to collaborate with less fortunate nations in other fields relating to human resource development, beginning with illiteracy eradication.

No doubt Malaysia´s illiteracy rate is very low but there is still a dire need to formulate and implement Life Long Education. Activities where adults, through Non-Formal Education be given knowledge and skills to enable them to be functionally productive. By participating in the 1990 International Literacy Year Celebration, Malaysians can be made to realise importance of combating illiteracy until such a time when our literacy is one hundred percent.






Date of Issue: 08.09.1990
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