Marking the Anniversary of the 750 Years of the Founding of Malay-Melaka Empire.

The 50sen stamp depicts the Cheng Hoon Teng temple which sits not far from Kampung Hulu Mosque and the Poyyata Vinayagar Morthi Temple. All three sit on Harmony Street. Completed in 1646 the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple ist the oldest formal building of its kind. Built in the architectural style of the Hokkiens, the temple was and is still the gathering point for religious and cultural activities of the Chinese. This temple has been recognized and listet by UNESCO in its list of Merit Awards for Restoration.

On the 90sen stamp, the Masjid Kampung Hulu has pride of place. This structure built along the Sumatran design is the oldest functioning mosque in Malaysia. Built in 1728, it still stands on its original site. The Building of this mosque was commissioned by the Dutch who wanted to promote religious pluralism. Located within the boundaries of UNESCO´s World Heritage City it had been declared a heritage building in 1988.

The Minitature Sheet priced at 750sen takes us back for another glimpse of Melaka´s past by way of the Governor´s Museum. Built soon after the Dutch took over Melaka from the Portuguese, and later renamed Seri Melaka, this 17th century building was the official residdence and office of Dutch Governors of old Melaka. It was also the official residence of the Governors of Melaka from 1957 to 2002. Now under the auspices of Melaka Museums Corporation it houses the various collections of Melaka´s Governors since Malaysia´s Independence in 1957.

Date of Issue: 07.10.2012
50sen, 90sen, MS 750sen, MS 750sen overprinted

In conjunction of 750th anniversary founding of Melaka, the unique overprint costing 750 cents is launched in collaboration with Pos Malaysia Berhad on 7th October 2012, when the 2nd Melaka Palembang Historic Voyage returned. It was followed with exhibitions and workshops with Philatelic Society of Malaysia in museum. Universities and polytechnics students were benefited by the expertise talks on this artistic heritage, pushed to the brink of extinction by modern communication means.


Overprinted of 750 Years of Malacca (Malacca Philatelic Exhibition)
Cetakan Tambahan 750 Tahun Melaka (Melaka Philatelic Exhibition)

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