The International Labour Organization formulates policies and programmes to improve working conditions and employment opportunities, and sets labour standards used by countries around the world. The flag is UNO blue, with the letters ILO surrounded by an interrupted cogwheel, and the UNO branches.

Date of Issue: 07.09.1970
30c, 75c

Malaysia has been a member of the ILO since 1957 and has ratified 16 ILO Conventions of which 15 are in force. In 1990, the Government denounced C.105, one of the ILO’s eight core conventions (Abolition of Forced Labour). Of the remaining seven fundamental conventions, Malaysia has ratified all but C.87 (Freedom of Association). Internally, the regional authorities determine which Conventions are in force. In Peninsular Malaysia, five Conventions are in force, Sarawak recognizes nine and Sabah has five Conventions in force. (