FIGO – the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics – is the only worldwide organisation that groups obstetricians and gynecologists. The mission of FIGO is to promote the well-being of women and to raise the standard of practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Every three years since FIGO was founded in 1954, thousand of gynecologists and obstetricians gather in one city to spend a week not only analysing and discussing new medical discoveries but also looking at problems and issues that can be addressed by the application of low tech and low cost techniques. The site for the World Congress rotates between the following regions of the world. North America, Europe, Africa-Eastern Mediterranean, Latin America and Asia-Oceania. Kuala Lumpur has been given the honour to be the host city for the XVIII FIGO World Congress.

Date of Issue: 06.11.2006
30sen, 2 x 50sen, Sheets: 30sen x 20, 2x 50sen x 20

The Simple but abstract design of the Federation’s logo is the central theme of this stamp. The acronym “FIGO” is used as a backdrop.
The five multi-coloured petals of a flower, which is adjacent to the logo depicts the federation’s universal representation of women. The petals are arranged in the form of the rays of a rising sun to represent hope whilst the green background symbolises continuous growth for women.

The theme of this stamp is “Obstetrics”. Obstetrics is the field of medicine which involves the care and management of a woman during pregnancy and after delivery. The stamp features a graphical representation of a pregnant mother. This is placed against a backdrop of the world. The blue background symbolises the male gender. The stamp also shows the Kuala Lumpur Congress Logo.

The theme of this stamp is “Gynecology”. Gynecology is the field of medicine which focuses on the health care of the non-pregnant woman. The term is graphically depicted as a silhouette of a young woman. This profile is placed against the backdrop of a partial map of the world. The pink background symbolises the female gender. The stamp also shows the Kuala Lumpur Congress Logo.