Pos Malaysia Berhad today revealed a fresh and unique new Base Stamp designs for its personalised stamps known as SetemKu. The new Base Stamp designs for Corporate orders (for government and private organisations) differ from those for Individual orders which offers more variety for customers in producing their own SetemKu and they will replace the old SetemKu designs.

Introduced in 2007, SetemKu is a creative and unique way for customers to feature their personal images on stamps. A combination of their personalized photo and the Base Stamp will form a valid postage stamp that can be used for normal posting.

60sen – Batik Malaysia
60sen – Malaysia Skyline
60sen – Malaysia Flag
60sen – Flora & Fauna Malaysia
60sen – Greetings
60sen – Yours Sincerely
60sen – Celebration
60sen – Malaysia Flag
Sheets – 60sen x 8 (2 designs)