On 2nd April 1997, Malaysia Airlines celebrates 50 year of aviation in Malaysia – one marked by many milestones in development and achievements. The occasion presents a timely opportunity for celebrating the past and embracing the future. The 50 years of history has endowed the airline with a rich heritage of excellence in the many aspects of their services and operations. Malaysia Airlines is reputed for its inflight service, which is uniquely Malaysian. The airline is internationally recognised for its high standards of safety and engineering maintenance capabilities. Malaysia Airlines has a fleet of more than 100 aircraf reaching out globally as the only airline from South East Asia opening into 6 continents. The airline is proud of his heritage and strives to retain traditional values, such as the warm Malaysian hospitality accorded in inflight services.

In 1947 Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) pioneered air services in Malaya with a twin-engine Airspeed Consul capable of seating only five persons with flights between Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Ipoh and Penang. Fifty years later, its successor, Malaysia Airlines takes off every 90 seconds in more than 75 international destinations in six continents carrying up to 400 passengers on ultra-modern B747 Jumbo jets.

Malaysia Airlines has ambitious plans to be a mega carrier by the turn of the century, in tandem with the nation´s vigorous push to attain industrialized status in the same time span.






Date of Issue: 02.04.1997
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