MEDIA RELEASE 3 November 2014

Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) will be releasing special set of miniature sheets and other philatelic products in conjunction with the World Youth Stamp 2014 scheduled to be held from 1th – 6th December 2014 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The issuance also coincides with 160 years of postage stamp usage in Malaysia.

“This is truly a great recognition and a timely boost to Malaysia to be given the opportunity to host such a grand event. We at Pos Malaysia would like to take this opportunity to stamp this occasion by issuing special sets of minitature sheets and other philatelic products.” said Dato Iskandar Mizal Mahmood, Group Executive Officier of Pos Malaysia.

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre miniature sheet will be released for sale in Wednesday, 5 November while the other six sets will be issued on each day from 1th to 6th December respectively during the exhibition days.

“We urge the public especially stamp and philately collectors to get them early from all post office outlets in the country on the first day of its opening of sale as we expect the issue to get a rousing welcome.” he added.

The miniature sheet measuring 100mm x 80mm featruring an 80mm x 50mm stamp, is printed on SPM Watermarked, Phosphor Coated Paper will be sold at RM5 each.


160 Tahun Penggunaan Setem di Malaysia

Fauna collection features “A Jungle Warrior and The Man of The Forest” – The Malayan tiger (Panthera Tigris Jacksoni) and Orangutans.

Orangutan / Harimau Malaya

The flora-themed miniature sheet highlights the Hibiscus (hibiscus rosa-sinensis) which is a symbol of national pride. It is officially chosen as the national flower in 1960 by Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s first Prime Minister. The Rafflesia (Rafflesia arnoldii), a rare flower that is native to Malaysian rainforests and known for its exotic and unique appearance also features in the sheet.

Bunga Raya / Rafflesia

160th Year of Postage Stamp Usage in Malaysia
This collection commemorates the 160th anniversary of the postage stamp usage in Malaysia. It features a letter, dated 19 December 1854 showing the earliest known usage of Four Annas (four denominations) – Half Annas, One Anna, Two Annas and Four Annas stamps within the Straits Settlements, cancelled using the ‘Diamond of Dots’ postmark which was the first standard
postmark used to cancel stamps throughout the East India Company postal region.

160 Tahun Penggunaan Setem di Malaysia


Heritage Building
This miniature sheet features the Sultan Abdul Samad Building, one of the most historic, iconic and recognisable landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. Heavily influenced by Moorish architecture and colonial aesthetics, the legendary building with its 40-metre clock tower provides an irresistible old world charm while standing majestically against the robust and ever-changing Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, KL

World Youth Stamp Exhibition 2014_328022015Cultural Dance
Mak Yong, a traditional dance-drama which was declared a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO in 2005 is selected to feature in the cultural dance-themed miniature sheet. This enchanting piece of art originated centuries ago in Kelantan as court entertainment and combines acting, vocal and instrumental music, gestures and elaborate costumes with an evocative story telling.


Mak Yong

Malay Folk Stories
The Malay Folk Stories-themed miniature sheet depicts one of the most captivating tales of Malaysian folklore, the Princess of Gunung Ledang.

The Princess of Gunung Ledang

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