The eight species featured in the stamps are lotus (Nelembium nelumbo), bunga tiga bulan (Hydrangea acrophylla), boungainvillea, red lilly (Hippeastrum reticulatun), Hibiscus rosa sinensis, morning glory (Ipomoea indica) and bunga tasbih (Cana orientalis and Allamanda cathartica.) The definitive stamps come in two series — state and national.

Date of Issue: 01.07.2010
30sen – Nelumbium Nelumbo
50sen – Hydrangea Macrophylla
60sen – Bougainvillea
70sen – Hippeastrum Reticulatum
80sen – Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis
90sen – Ipomoea Indica
RM1 – Canna Orientalis
RM2 – Allamanda Cathartica

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