09-02-2021 CNY – Year of the Ox Setem Ku

Celebrate the Year of the Ox with the Chinese New Year 2021 Setem Ku Folder Set. The stamp sheet centrepiece features a golden Metal Ox adorned with traditional Chinese couplets or “Chun Lian” in Mandarin, with the message “Be Oxsome” which represents the enduring spirit of the OX to encourage collectors to continue to strive…


22-12-2020 Limited Edition Christmas stamp collection

Pos Malaysia is embracing the festive spirit by launching a limited-edition Christmas 2020 Setem Ku collection. The Christmas 2020 stamps feature a modern design with a “Merry Christmas” greeting on each stamp while incorporating classic Christmas elements such as the Christmas tree, snowflakes, star and tree ornaments. The Christmas 2020 stamp collection is available for…


14-11-2020 Deepavali 2020 Setem Ku Folder Set

The Deepavali 2020 Setem Ku Folder Set celebrates the Hindu Festival of Lights, marking the spiritual victory of light over darkness. The designs feature a Kolam or Rangoli, which is a decorative piece of rice art and an oil lamp (Diya) that represents the journey to enlightenment. Sheet 10x60sen SetemKu Stamps A land of diverse…